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PPC Campaigns Ready To Blast You Off

We offer Pay Per Click advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, and more… WebServ is the PPC agency poised to help your business reach new heights. Our best in industry PPC specialists create the best campaigns through the hardest work. It’s simple, highly relevant ads combined with highly relevant, beautiful landing pages that are optimized for conversions help you generate more revenue. Our PPC team spends twice the hours of our competitors on your accounts.

With paid search advertising, showing the most relevant ads to potential prospects is imperative. Not only will this result in higher click through rates and traffic, but you will be rewarded with higher quality scores.

Quality Score is a metric on google and bing that plays a major factor in how much you will pay for a click. In order to get the highest quality scores possible, you need to have a good account structure.

WebServ uses a an account structure called Single Keyword Ad Groups for search ads, or SKAGs for short.  This allows is to write ads that are highly relevant to the search that was performed. 

There are benefits to some other account structures as well and we implement the best account structure for your particular goals in any given situation.

With careful keyword selection you can capitalize on the highest intent searches that will convert at a high rate.

Search advertising is very powerful because it allows us to target people right when they are ready to buy.

Good keyword research requires the marketer to empathize with a searcher and understand what types of search queries lead to a sale. When someone types a search into a search engine, they give us insight into their intentions.

Armed with this powerful knowledge we can make decisions about what keywords will be the most profitable for your business and bid accordingly.

Search ads work based on a cost per click and in order to get the most bang for your buck you need to show ads that are exactly what your customers are looking for.

If I am looking for a 24k gold rocket ship, I am not going to click an ad for an old brown delorian….

Your customers are literally telling you what they want, they typed into a search bar!

With properly structured campaigns you can present the most relevant ads based upon exactly the keywords your customers are searching for, right when they search for them. 

Having relevant ads will increase qulaity score and CTRs allowing you to get more clicks for less money. Ultimately this will produce more sales, leads, opportunities, and in every case, revenue!

CRO is a fancy abreviation for conversion rate optimization. CRO is the (rocket) science of getting the most amount of conversions out of your clicks.

It is typically spoken about in conjunction with landing pages for paid advertisments. 

Some of the strategies we use at webserv include beautiful design, A/B testing single variables, different calls to action, and more. 

Our design department is full of mad conversion scientists that not only know design, but are obsessively testing the details your competitors overlooked.

As marketers we A/B test every aspect of our lives. We once ran an A/B test on different types of rocket fuel, just as we had predicted, the best rocket fuel is a propriatary mix of SEO, PPC, and CRO. 

A typical test is run with our scientific process of research, hypothesis, experiment, data analysis, and conclusion. 

We are always running tests on every single variable of all of our ppc campaigns to ensure revenue growth and world domination (jk).

Astronmical ROI

Better Positions

Own the paid SERP by having better, more relevant ads than your competitors.

Lower CPC

Higher quality scores result in more clicks for less money!

More Revenue

Better, more relevant ads & lower cost per click always results in more revenue. It’s not rocket science.



We are digital specialists 

We are not a “full service marketing agency,” nobody really is. In order to succeed in the competitive landscape of today, you need experts who do one thing extremely well.  We specialize in a few areas of digital marketing, specifically SEO, PPC, and CRO. Our clients get to work with industry leader specific to the service they provide.  We pride ourselves in being the best in our respective areas. 

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  • PPC
  • CRO

Want to Find Out More?

We offer an in-depth audit of your current search engine performance complete with competitor research and actionable tips.